Africa is HUGE, and its diverse locations are just waiting to be explored.

Zambia, for example is a really great option for those looking at community work. It helps that socializing with its local people is always a great experience, though we admit it will be hard to pick it over Kenya, whose local kids can never hide their excitement when there are new visitors in town!

But then again, trek into the truly rural Uganda, and you’d find it an even harder choice…its laidback, friendly townsfolk are very hospitable, and wherever you look, you will find their children happily playing sports, making our Sport coaching a really great program here!

Then there is Zimbabwe, located higher up in the hills, it has a very nice atmosphere from which to explore a range of programs! For a truly unique experience though, try improving your French in Rwanda on the excellent community efforts running there, all while enjoying its Kigali township, the cleanest city in Africa!

For those who are always looking to stay cool in the heat, there’s our Malawi programs, located right next to the Great Lake Malawi shores, perfect for relaxing on the beach when the program lets them.

But speaking of coastal areas, our Mozambique location can’t be overlooked. A personal favourite of our coordinators, it too has an amazing shoreline closeby, and is a great choice for those interested in Agriculture.

Of course, some would argue you can’t experience Africa without getting up close as possible to it’s raw nature…in this case we would highly recommend Tanzania for those looking for a more personal experience with the great continent’s wildlife and fauna!

We’ve worked hard setting up a strong network so that you’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to Africa…

So go ahead and explore the full range of programs in our brochures!

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